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Spurs vs AFC Bournemouth

Experience the 2018/19 football season in true VIP style with our wide range of Spurs Hospitality, Ticket and Travel packages. The Spurs’s brand new state of the art stadium looks forward to welcoming you this season, to enjoy an unforgettable match day experience. Sit back and relax in luxury padded seating located on level 2 of the East Stand, with some of the best views of the pitch available. Food and drink is covered too, with the complimentary light food offering and a complimentary half –time bar serving a selection of drinks.

With few meetings in the past and successful wins for the Spurs team, this match against Bournemouth is set to be an exciting watch.

The Spurs Hospitality Ticket and Travel packages for the 2018/19 season will provide you with an unforgettable match day experience. Spurs invite you to experience Spurs vs Bournemouth in style, at the new stadium. With luxury seating, complimentary light-food and a complimentary half-time bar you will be truly spoiled. This match is certain to be an exciting one, so be sure to enjoy it in true VIP style.

The two teams: Spurs and Bournemouth have had very few meetings in the past, and the Spurs side have won 5 out of the 7 previous matches. So there is no doubt that the Tottenham side will be wanting to continue their impressive wins against the Bournemouth side this December.

Ahead of the match we now look back at the history of the two teams.

Spurs 1 – 0 Bournemouth, October 2017

The Premier League meet had the two teams playing against each other at Wembley Stadium to a mass of 73,000 fans. Despite being considerably higher in the Premier League tables, the Spurs team only managed to steal a 1-0 finish against the Bournemouth side. This was a first win at Wembley Stadium in the Premier League, after a testing four previous attempts. Spurs took the lead early in the second half, thanks to a goal by midfielder Christian Eriksen. Many of the fans had expected Harry Kane to score, however he did not, meaning he was yet to score in his first four home games. This was seen to paradox the players luck when it came to away games, as he followed in the steps of football legend Alan Shearer by scoring six goals in away games during a Premier League season. Despite the narrow win Spurs manager; Mauricio Pochettino said his team played well, however admitted they struggled to break down the Bournemouth opponents. The Bournemouth side were strong defensively, Bournemouth’s manager at the time Eddie Howe said “it was a tight game, but there are positives to take”. This was Bournemouth’s first visit to Wembley Stadium in a very long time, there last appearance dates back to 1998, where they beat Grimsby Town in a 2-1 finish. Man of the match was awarded to Bournemouth goal keeper Asmir Begovic, who sensationally saved 5 goals, helping soften the loss for his team.

Spurs 3 – 0 Bournemouth, March 2016

Bournemouth’s first visit to White Lane saw them beaten to the finish with a 3-0 win from Spurs, which would have no doubt been devastating for the away team. Over 36,000 fans came out to support their teams at the White Hart Lane stadium. Goals were scored by both Kane and Eriksen in what was an exciting match from the get go. Harry Kane scored the first goal in an impressive 43 seconds, putting the Spurs team ahead from the get go. Following the game Spurs star player; Kane became the first player to score 20 goals in consecutive seasons since Martin Chivers in 1972. Unfortunately, for Bournemouth this was the first time the team had conceded 2 goals since 2015. Statistics from the match show that Spurs had the lead throughout, with an impressive 63% possession rating, and 17 shot attempts, with 8 being on target. Whereas Bournemouth fell short of opportunities with only 2 shots, and none of them being on target. Manager Mauricio Pochettino was extremely pleased with the collective performance his team displayed, and expressed the importance of scoring early with a confident lead. Bournemouth boss Eddie Howe was not as positive though stating it was a really bad day for his team, with an impossible start to the game. Overall, due to the statistics and strength of play Spurs deserved the win.

Spurs 0 – 0 Bournemouth, October 2016

Spurs’s perfect season continued at Bournemouth’s home ground back in 2016, where the match ended with a goalless draw. Meaning the Spurs team were yet to be beaten during the premier league season. The result came as a disappointment no doubt to both teams, as Spurs missed out on their chance to make it to the top of the league tables. Following the game Bournemouth finished 10th in premier league tables, whereas Spurs narrowly missed out on making the top 3. Prior to this meeting Bournemouth had lost only one of their last 7 premier league games. Both teams had opportunities to score but unfortunately they were unsuccessful. Charlie Daniels provided Bournemouth with their best chance of taking the lead after just five minutes. From the Spurs side typical star player Erik Lamela failed to score for the first time in that premier league season. Greater game play was awarded to the Spurs team, with a 62% possession lead and double the amount of shots as their opponents. Bournemouth fell short with only one shot on target, however man of the match was awarded to Harry Arter, who was responsible for some impressive play from the Bournemouth side.

Spurs 5 – 1 Bournemouth, October 2015

This was the first meeting between Spurs and Bournemouth since 1957, where the Bournemouth side won with a 3-1 result, under their former name: Bournemouth and Boscombe Athletic. Spurs’s goal landslide was impressive, making it difficult for the Bournemouth side to catch up. This match recorded as the first time Bournemouth had conceded 5 goals in consecutive league games since 1952. Bournemouth’s Matt Ritchie set things off with his impressive 12 yard strike at just 49 seconds, making this the fastest premier league goal so far in that season. However, the Spurs team were not far behind. Harry Kane scored a hat-trick of goals, making this the 17th hat trick the Spurs side had achieved in the Premier League. The impressive play from the Spurs star resulted in Kane being awarded man of the match. Eric Dier was also praised for his skill during the match for breaking up play in the first half and impressive on target passing. Other goals in the game came from Spurs players: Moussa Dembele and Erik Lamela. However, a player that had a match day not so successful was Bournemouth’s goalkeeper Boruc, whose mistakes allowed a multitude of goals to pass through. Eddie Howe, the Bournemouth manager thought his team were the better side in the early stages of the match, however blamed individual errors and mistakes on the loss of goals.

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