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Spurs vs Brighton

Your important clients and guests deserve the VIP treatment so let them indulge in our fantastic Spurs vs Brighton hospitality package.

After a wait lasting over thirty years, Brighton secured a 15th place position in their first season back to the Premier League. Can Chris Hughton’s men pose a threat to The Lilywhites on Saturday 6th April 2019? Find out in VIP style with Spurs hospitality and tickets.

Our Spurs hospitality packages include excellent tickets to watch the match, combined with complimentary food and drink as well as the option to upgrade to a number of premium dining facilities. Whether it be for business or pleasure, you can guarantee that you and your valued guests will enjoy the Spurs vs Brighton experience of a lifetime.


Experience match day like never before with our Spurs vs Brighton hospitality packages at Spurs’ new stadium during the 2018/19 season. Spurs vs Brighton is a Premier League game not to be missed. Our Spurs hospitality packages and tickets guarantee both luxury and entertainment for your important client and guests. Watch the full ninety minutes in seating within Level 2 of the East Stand, a reserved premium section, with some of the best views of the Spurs vs Brighton game available.

Have the chance to spoil yourself with a pre-match three course fine dining experience, savoury refreshments, complimentary wine, beer and soft drinks all served at half time. This VIP-style experience is the only way to enjoy the Spurs vs Brighton game. Take in all the action this season at the new stadium and enjoy the very best in Spurs hospitality and tickets.

Spurs and Brighton have had a sporadic history. If we were to take all their fixtures into account, Spurs would have the advantage of 12 wins to Brighton’s 6 over the course of their head-to-heads. However, Spurs’ recent history has been filled with success after success. They are a completely different team to the one they were in 1983 – the last time they faced them before 2005. Brighton will be hoping to be a thorn in Spurs’ side in the knowledge that they have the ability to draw, if win. Brighton will need to remain composed against the side of the likes of Kane, Deli Alli and Trippier.

Spurs 1-2 Brighton – 1982/83 League Division One Season

Like many newcomers to the Premier League, Brighton have had a large hiatus when it has come to meeting Spurs. Their final meeting before a 22 year break would end in a shocking defeat for Spurs who would go on to win the 1982/83 UEFA Cup.

Against a strong side, Brighton’s Steve Gatting and Gerry Ryan produce two scorching strikes to a 20,341 strong crowd. The upset could not be stopped, with Spurs’ Roberts being the only player to return anything to the Seagulls’ half. The rest of Brighton’s year would be one of contrasts with them making it to the FA Cup final whilst simultaneously being relegated.

Spurs 2-0 Brighton – 2014/15 League Cup

In one of the few meetings since 1983, Spurs took on a solid defensive line in the first half. Brighton made sure that Spurs were given few chances. It was not until Erik Lamela came on at half time to deliver the first goal of the game.

Lamela’s goal forced Brighton to rethink their tactics by pushing forward in the hope of an equaliser. This change is tactic was their downfall as their defensive position was the one thing holding them in good step for the remainder of the second half. It was Harry Kane who gave his typical top-quality performance with a final strike to end Brighton’s League Cup dreams.

This year, Spurs would make it to the final only to lose to Chelsea. Brighton would narrowly miss relegation from the Championship in 20th position. There would be yet another three year wait before Brighton would have another chance at redemption against Spurs.

Spurs 1-1 Brighton – 2017/18 Premier League season

This was to be the game to give Spurs an 11th away win. With a team low in the Premier League table and on a six-game losing streak, it was the assumption that Spurs would sail through for an easy 3 points against Brighton.

The Lilywhites were to be sorely disappointed.

Throughout, Brighton gave yet another solid defensive performance for the whole first half. It was in the 48th minute where Spurs’ top goalscorer, Harry Kane, had a belter that was sure to send Brighton reeling. Once again Pochettino’s Spurs were disappointed by a penalty made by Pascal Gross only two minutes later. Continuing their strength in not letting too many opportunities through, Brighton made sure Spurs were punished for a lacklustre performance. It was a well-earned and much needed point for Brighton that may have been the boost they needed to remain in the Premier League.

The Spurs vs Brighton match on Saturday 6th April 2019 will give the Lilywhites the chance to show their 2017/18 season draw was just a blip on their radar. Mauricio Pochettino will be looking for another season of success against the Brighton side. There is a history of victories for Spurs vs Brighton and Hove, but Brighton have not been completely helpless against the Lilywhites.

All the excitement of the game can be matched with the VIP hospitality packages we have to offer. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy fantastic match-day Spurs vs Brighton hospitality at the new stadium for the 2018/19 season. It is the perfect opportunity to both take in the palpable tension of the proceedings as well as entertain your important guests in the most spectacular sporting environment. The Spurs vs Brighton will provide hospitality like no other.

Tottenham Hotspur Hospitality - Spurs vs Brighton
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