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Spurs vs Cardiff City

Last season’s Championship second-placers make their way to Tottenham for their first encounter since 2014. Tottenham Hotspur vs Cardiff City is due to be an interesting game – it’s the classic new Premier League arrival vs staple team, with both looking to prove a point.
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Top of the league giants Tottenham Hotspur play host to Cardiff City in this proving ground matchup. Tottenham Hotspur hope for a flying, high scoring victory over Cardiff City, while the Bluebirds are hoping to prove they’re worthy of playing in a Premier League which is stacked full of top talent.

The last time Tottenham Hotspur vs Cardiff City took place was during Cardiff City’s one-season run in the Premier League, back in March 2014. Despite being relegated that year, Cardiff held their own against Tottenham, who ultimately finished sixth, only conceding one goal in each of the games.

To preview this Premier League match match, here’s a quick run-down of some Tottenham Hotspur vs Cardiff City games of old.

Tottenham Hotspur 1 – 0 Cardiff City, March 2014, Premier League

This Whites vs Blues match was a classic, scrappy game. Visitors Cardiff City made their way to White Hart Lane to take on top side Tottenham Hotspur, and brought their fighting spirit with them. Despite being technically and tactically outclassed by the Londoners, the men from Wales had real chances due to their tenacity and ability to keep pressuring Tottenham with raw heart and self-belief.

Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan made a surprise visit to his team in their London hotel. According to manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Tan “had encouraging words” for the team, and motivated them to put on the display they did away at Spurs.

It seemed to work well, despite not showing much more – if any – talent or technical ability, the Bluebirds didn’t stop moving, closing distance and chasing the ball at every available opportunity.  Cardiff weren't looking to make it an win for Spurs.

Roberto Soldado found the net in the first half, scoring the sole goal of Tottenham vs Cardiff City. The Spurs and Spanish international striker scored in the twenty-eighth, winning the game for Spurs, sending Cardiff a goal down.

Cardiff City seemed to feed off this goal, with Steven Caulker driving a header into the woodwork a single minute after the Tottenham Hotspur goal. Cardiff City played hard until the end, putting all men (including keeper David Marshall), inside the Spurs penalty area for injury time corners.

Despite the tough mentality and competitive mindset of Cardiff, Tottenham rose victorious in this exciting White Hart Lane Premier League match.

Tottenham Hotspur 4 – 0 Cardiff City, January 2007, FA Cup

Tottenham Hotspur proved themselves a threat to the Cup in this year with a four-nil thrashing of Cardiff City in this replay, taking themselves through to the fourth round.

Berbatov almost scored just ten minutes into play, causing Cardiff City keeper Neil Alexander to get to work and stop Spurs getting an early lead. The slip ups that caused this were standard for Cardiff in this game, where Tottenham Hotspur were by far the greater side.

Aaron Lennon opened up the scorecard impressively. The England winger finished what he started, taking aim just before 30 minutes into the match after instigating a Spurs attack which saw Cardiff City collapse and open up their defence.

It was a preview of what was to come, as Ireland’s Robbie Keane found his mark just three minutes later, bang on the half hour mark.  Cardiff were a goal behind now, but hadn't lost their heart yet.

Cardiff City had the look of a dangerous side at times. They played attacks and set pieces into the Spurs penalty area often enough to worry the home fans at White Hart Lane, but didn’t seem to bother Paul Robinson, who kept a clean sheet for Tottenham Hotspur against Cardiff despite occasional holes in Spurs’ defence.
Tottenham Hotspur were three goals to none at half time thanks to Malbranque, who struck from the edge of the box to just inside the near post a few minutes before the half-time whistle.

The second half was much of the same, but with fewer goals. The chances were there, but Spurs made mistakes in pulling the trigger, giving some respite to Neil Alexander who had been one of the busiest men on the pitch for Cardiff City.

Initially, Cardiff City played well and kept up with the Tottenham men, but lagged behind as the game progressed. The second half was a defensive job for the Bluebirds, and the Whites felt comfortable enough with their three goal lead to calm down on the attacks.

Jermain Defoe injected some enthusiasm when he arrived on pitch at seventy minutes in, and scored in the eighty-second to finalise the scores.

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Tottenham Hotspur Hospitality - Tottenham Hotspur vs Cardiff City
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