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Spurs vs Everton

Experience the 2018/19 football season in style with the wide range of VIP Tottenham Hospitality, Ticket and Travel packages on offer. The brand new state of the art Spurs New Stadium which is set to open at the end of 2018 is the perfect location to host you and your guests on match day. Enjoy an unforgettable experience, with luxury padded seats providing unmissable views of the pitch, complimentary light food and a half time bar. 

Feel like a VIP as you sit back and enjoy the Spurs vs Everton game. The two teams have an exciting history and there is no doubt that both the Spurs and Everton teams will be out for victory. 

The Spurs vs Everton match in 2019 will be hosted at the brand new Spurs New Stadium. This brand new state of the art stadium is the ideal location to create a completely unforgettable match day experience for you and your guests.

The Spurs vs Everton match in 2019 is highly anticipated and set to be an impressive game. Spurs and Everton have had an extensive history, with games dating back to the early 1900’s. With a 4-0 finish in January 2018 for Spurs, there is no doubt that the team will be hoping to replicate that win against Everton.

Below we explore some of the matches over time between Spurs and Everton and celebrate wins for both Spurs and Everton.

Spurs 2 – 0 Everton, October 2009

The fourth round of the 2009 Carling Cup saw Spurs take the lead with a 2-0 defeat against Everton, securing their place in the quarter final. Tom Huddlestone gave Spurs their first goal against the Everton team just after half-time, with their second closely followed at 57 minutes with a Robbie Keane goal. Everton’s chances of coming back were slim as the game continued and the Spurs side got stronger. However, all of the Spurs players were not up to scratch. The “star” forward player Roman Pavlyuchenko had a disappointing game thanks to two missed shots, which called for manager Harry Redknapp to demand more aggression in the players approach. Despite Everton’s lack of confidence due to an injury crisis, they displayed strong determination and drive throughout the match. However, unfortunately it wasn’t enough to score against the demanding Spurs side. Everton keeper Howard had a strong game, with successful saves against Bentley and Gareth Bale. This was no doubt a devastating loss for the Everton side who had to endure their 5th game without a win at the end. The Everton manager David Moyes was unhappy with how the match was scheduled as he felt his team was put at a disadvantage as a result.

Spurs 1 – 1 Everton, January 2016

The Premier League match at Goodison Park saw 38,842 fans attend to watch the game between Spurs and Liverpool in 2016. The result of the game came in at a 1-1 draw which helped the Spurs side secure their place in the Premier League’s top four. Although Everton matched the Spurs scoring they only came in at 11 on the Premier League tables. Everton’s lead came in just after 22 minutes, where former Spurs player Aaron Lennon scored a successful goal against his old team. This was not long followed by a Dele Alli goal before the end of the first half. Man of the match, Dele Alli had a successful season and there was a lot of excitement surrounding the 19 year old and his impressive game play. Everton were said to have their most talented team since the 80’s so it came as a frustration for both the players and fans when they only won six league games and couldn’t take advantage of the unpredictability of the Premier League. Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino was pleased with the result however was disappointed that the team lost two points due to the draw. He also claimed that the “first half of the game was the best we’ve played”. Roberto Martinez the former Everton manager praised their “good defence, intensity and concentration” and put the draw down to Everton’s response in the second half. Statistically Spurs had greater ball possession throughout the game and more shot attempts. However Everton were successful at scoring with their first shot attempt.

Spurs 3 -2 Everton, March 2017

White Hart Lane was the venue of choice for the 2017 Premier League match between Spurs and Everton. Spurs took home a 3-2 victory in their home stadium against the Everton team, contributing to Spurs winning nine consecutive home league games since the 80’s. Harry Kane scored two of the Spurs goals, with Dele Alli scoring the third. The two goals from the Everton team came from Lukaku and Valencia. Once again Harry Kane was awarded man of the match, for his impressive two goal finish and unmatchable centre-forward talent. Kane’s first goal gave the Spurs team the lead after just 20 minutes of play with a 20 yard strike. Mauricio Pochettino had a lot of praise for the player stating his success is down to hard work and focus. His second goal came after half-time with a Dele Alli pass allowing him a side-footed victory. Everton’s Lukaku scored later into the second half at the 81st minute, with their second on target shot. In the last seconds of the game Everton’s Enner Valencia scored their second goal, which narrowed the Spurs win. Everton manager Ronald Koeman faced criticism for his poor decision regarding his attacking team. His decision to start with Gareth Barry instead of Ademola Lookman was a poor decision, which cost the Everton team goals people argued. Overall, the statistics of the match are pretty even which closely reflects the narrow Spurs win, with ball possession only being separated by 4%. However the Tottenham side had more shot attempts, with 7 being on target. This was a disappointing loss for the Everton side and although the team started well he stated their “mistakes were punished”.

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