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Spurs vs Manchester United

Experience the ultimate match day at Spurs New Stadium with these Tottenham Hotspur hospitality and VIP Tottenham Hotspur Tickets for the 2018/19 season including Premier League, UEFA Champions League, League Cup and FA Cup fixtures. Allow yourself to appreciate prime match seating and a superb atmosphere as a remarkable range of additional hospitality features. Treat guests to a football memory to last a lifetime at Spurs New Stadium.

Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

Tottenham hotspur are awaiting the grand opening of their swanky new Spurs Stadium – just in time for the 2018/19 Premier League season.

The players are set, their fresh pitch eagerly awaits them, now, get ready to join them in flair with one of the finest VIP hospitality packages available now on Compare Hospitality.

Tottenham hotspur get ready to welcome old time opponents Manchester United to their new home. Will the excitement of a new atmosphere work in favour for the Spurs? Or, will Manchester United set an introductory tone of defeat for Tottenham?

The Red Devils are Back…

Manchester United, a team with more trophies under their belt than any other English football club are set to challenge Tottenham hotspur once again. This season, are Tottenham Hotspur ready to defy the worlds most valued and widely supported clubs? Or, will they shrink down and let thirteen time Premier League champion Manchester United reign victorious yet again.

Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur have not had the most straight forward history, in total they have played one hundred and ninety Premier League matches. Whilst Manchester have triumphed an amazing ninety times against Tottenham Hotspur, the Spurs have only managed to be victorious fifty two times. Interestingly, in their last four games together, both teams won two each. With the right determination, anything is possible for Tottenham Hotspur.

Tottenham hotspur vs Manchester United: 2017/18 Season

This season saw an incredible win for Tottenham Hotspur – beating Manchester United 2-0. The match was record breaking, having the third fastest goal in Premier League history. Eriksen’s spectacular goal came in at just eleven seconds and set the tone of victory for Tottenham hotspur. With record attendance it was a phenomenal way to stun fans whilst riling opponents very early on.

Luckily for Tottenham hotspur, an own goal from Manchester United’s Jones allowed them to increase their lead, making the path to victory even smoother. An untimely mistake that the other side could not recover from.

Manchester United created chances for themselves to score however, none of their chances materialised leaving team members frustrated. The team were left fifteen points lagging, a momentous and hefty climb if they seek to attain the top again.

This match allowed Tottenham hotspur to attain their third successive home league game against Manchester United for the first time since 1966! A beautiful end for the Spurs side.

Manchester United vs Tottenham hotspur: 2016/17 Season

This 2016/17 season allowed Manchester United to beat Tottenham hotspur 1-0. The game progressed slowly and almost looked to be a stalemate until substitute Martial scored in the eighty second minute.

Though late, the win was timely for Manchester United who were now able to boast a clean sheet in each of their first five home league games of a season since 2007/8.

Manchester United upped their game during the second half and Tottenham hotspur, struggling with the loss of star striker Kane, were unable to have a single shot on target. Commenting on the absence of Kane, Tottenham hotspur manager Pochettino expressed ‘I said before the game to everyone that always you are going to miss your main striker… But it is not an excuse today. We didn’t lose the game because Kane wasn’t here.’ Leaving Tottenham hotspur fans to question just what was missing from the team that led to such a setback.

Manchester United vs Tottenham Hotspur: 2015/16 Season

Tottenham hotspur players and fans alike will be regretting the outcome of this 2015/16 Premier League match where Manchester United trumped the Spurs 1-0 after Walker’s own goal less than thirty minutes into the game.

An unlucky and unfortunate mistake that would have players wishing that the split second that changed the outcome of the game would never have occurred.

Despite the tragic loss, Tottenham hotspur started and ended the game with immense strength. Yet we see that in the end, all that counts is the final scores at full time. Providence was just not on the Spurs’ side this instance.

Walker, speaking on the goal noted ‘I tried to stick my foot in the way so that [Rooney would] kick my foot instead of the ball, so it’s a bit unlucky really.’ Unlucky – to say the least.

Tottenham hotspur vs Manchester United: 2014/15 Season

An aggravating and unsatisfactory full time result for both Tottenham hotspur and Manchester United as they drew (or lost) 0-0. The outcome no professional club desires to attain in a Premier League match.

Manchester United were full of energy in the first half and created several good chances for themselves however these chances failed to materialise into tangible results. Likewise, for Tottenham hotspur who enjoyed almost 65% possession within the final fifteen minutes, they were unable to excite fans and score the long awaited game changing goal.

Spurs manager Pochettino encouraged his players commenting: ‘I think it’s a fair result… we believed and showed we were solid. We are improving with every game.’

Tottenham Hotspur Hospitality

Enjoy the intense atmosphere of this highly awaited Tottenham Hotspur game, perfectly paired with the most luxurious VIP hospitality packages available at Spurs’ brand new state-of-the-art stadium.

The action, live from the latest home of Tottenham hotspur. The seats, premium and reserved. The view, one of the best of the pitch. With an indulgent complementary food experience and complimentary beers, wines, soft and hot drinks; you and your party are sure to delight in every single moment. An experience like no other.

Explore the vast range of Tottenham Hotspur Hospitality packages on offer, tailoring them to suit all of your needs with Compare Hospitality.

Tottenham Hotspur Hospitality - Spurs vs Manchester United
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