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Spurs vs Newcastle United

Enjoy the 20189/19 football season with impressive Tottenham Hospitality packages and soak up all the action at the new state of the art Spurs New Stadium for the Spurs vs Newcastle United game. Match day can be enjoyed in true style in your very own luxury padded seats that provide impressive views of the pitch, ensuring you miss nothing from the highly anticipated Spurs vs Newcastle United game. Comfort is further ensured with complimentary light food and a half time bar, that we are certain will be taken advantage of. The Tottenham Hospitality packages will ensure you have a match day like no other, making the Spurs vs Newcastle United game one to remember.

Spurs vs Newcastle United will be the teams 160th meeting to date, with games dating back to 1905. The exciting fixture between the two teams will be hosted at the Spurs New Stadium in early 2019. This venue is an ideal location to host an unforgettable, VIP match day experience. The fantastic Tottenham Hospitality packages will ensure you have an enjoyable day.

Over the years both Newcastle United and Spurs have had triumphant wins in their former meetings. In 2018 Spurs have had successive wins over the Newcastle United team and there’s no doubt that they will be hoping to come out on top in this upcoming fixture.

Ahead of the upcoming Spurs vs Newcastle united fixture we have explored some historic games between the two sides. The meetings see 5-1 defeats, relegations and disgruntled fans, but will Spurs or Newcastle United come out on top in the 2018/19 season?

Spurs 3 – 1 Newcastle United, April 2015

The Premier League match saw the Spurs team bag a 3-1 finish over the Newcastle United team, at St James’ Park. At the time there was a huge uproar from Newcastle United fans who had planned to boycott the match due to them not agreeing with the way manager Mike Ashley was running the team. Although, the prediction was a little excessive it was clear to see that Newcastle United’s home stadium was emptier than usual. The game saw three Spurs goals from Kane, Chadli and Eriksen and 1 goal from Newcastle United’s Jack Colback. This game resulted in Newcastle United recording their worst Premier League loss since 2014. Kane was the first Spurs player to score 30 goals in that season since 1992, which is a triumphant achievement. Newcastle United’s Jack Colback scored the only goal following the half time break, however this wasn’t enough to equalise with the strong Spurs side. Christian Eriksen took the Spurs team to a 2-1 lead over the Newcastle United side, followed with a powerful strike from Harry Kane. The hosts struggled to put up a defensive response throughout the game and it was the Newcastle United team that couldn’t match up to the attacking strength of the Spurs side. Following the match Spurs moved above Southampton to finish 6th in the Premier League table, whereas Newcastle United finished 14th. There is no doubt that the Spurs side put up the better game and deserved the win which of course came as a disappointment to both the Newcastle United fans and players.

Spurs 1- 5 Newcastle United, May 2016

The relegated Newcastle United team left Spurs behind Arsenal on the Premier League table with a mammoth 5-1 finish. Georginio Wijnaldum put the Newcastle United team ahead at only 19 minutes in, which was closely followed by a strong header from Mitrovic before half time. Mitrovic’s goal goes down in history as the 1000th goal of the season, which is an impressive badge of honour for the Newcastle United player. Spurs only goal came from Erik Lamela who narrowed the Newcastle United lead from a tight angle an hour in. Despite playing with only 10 men following Mitrovic’s red card the Newcastle United team still came out on top. Newcastle United’s third goal came from Wijnaldum, with a further two from Rolando Aarons and Daryl Janmaat. This loss was no doubt devastating for the Spurs side and it meant the team came under their North London rivals; Arsenal for the 21st Premier League season. Newcastle’s skipper Moussa Sissoko was awarded man of the match due to his powerful and forceful midfield defence, he assisted, won the penalty and had two on target shots that could have increased the Newcastle’s win further. Previous to this defeat the Spurs team had only been accustomed to one goal margin defeats.

 Spurs 2 – 0 Newcastle United, August 2017

Spurs had a successful start to the 2018/19 Premier League season with a 2-0 finish against Newcastle United at St James’s Park. The Magpies, who were winners of last term’s Championship, had their Captain Jonjo Selvey issued with a red card early on into the game, meaning they had to play on with a 10 man team. Dele Alli managed to score the first goal of the game within close range before Ben Davies’ attempt bagged the Spurs side their second goal, which was enough to win. This was a harsh welcome back game for the Newcastle United team who were relegated last season. The Newcastle United manager felt frustration towards his team and his capabilities of being able to build a squad that could amount to Premier League success. This match further echoed the need for the team to show greater strength towards attacking. The hosts only managed to grab themselves one on target shot in the first hour of the game but it wasn’t enough to match up to their opponent’s lead. The Spurs manager stated the “red card helped” but his team deserved the win. Statistically Spurs have won 29/31 of their previous Premier league matches against newly promoted sides. Credit was also given to Dele Alli who had 13 goals under his belt from the 2017 Premier League, which was the second greatest achievement amongst English players, with Harry Kane coming out on top. Overall, the Spurs side were by far the strongest side and created more opportunities and had greater control and these were areas in which the Newcastle United side struggled to compete with.

Tottenham Hotspur Hospitality - Spurs vs Newcastle United
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