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Tottenham Hotspur Hospitality Packages - Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea

Entertain your important guests with our Tottenham Hotspur vs Chelsea hospitality packages, the only way to experience Spurs matches in true VIP style. Spurs play host to Chelsea in this promising, top-of-the-league matchup. This game is always a thriller – both teams have been at the top of the Premier League for years, and this clash is as exciting as it is important. Spurs hospitality packages include excellent tickets to watch the match from luxury padded seating with unobstructed views of the pitch, combined with a luxurious hospitality suite. The perfect opportunity to both soak up the atmosphere of a Spurs home game as well as entertain your guests in the most conducive environment.

Entertain and amaze your guests, clients and friends with our Tottenham Hotspur hospitality packages - the best way to experience Spurs matches and enjoy your day in luxury and comfort.
Chelsea make their way across London for this exciting Premier League matchup. The London rivalry heats up this game every time it’s played and this should be no exception, with the atmosphere inside Spurs New Stadium anticipated to be one of the best of the year.
Our Official Spurs hospitality suite packages come with excellent tickets for the match for luxury padded seating and unobstructed views of the pitch, combined with the luxury surrounds of exclusive areas. This is your opportunity to enjoy the thrills of a Spurs home game and truly impress your guests in a beautiful and conducive environment.
November’s game will see Spurs and Chelsea meet for the fifth time in two years. In that time frame, each side has won and lost a games at home and away, but there have also been many more games worthy of note, so here’s a quick run-down for you.

Tottenham Hotspur 2 – 0 Chelsea, January 2017, Premier League
The one of the last London Derbies held at White Hart Lane ended with a two-nil victory for the home fans, giving them something to sing about for a while.
Chelsea started the game with most of the possession, but were unable to pass the tight and fluid Tottenham Hotspur defences. By the twentieth minute Spurs had begun to take control, keeping the ball at their feet and stalling Chelsea’s maneuvers.
Eventually, home boys Spurs hit their mark. Dele Alli’s header hit the back of the net, off an excellent ball from Eriksen, sending Chelsea one-nil down at White Hart Lane just moments before half time.
The second half looked like a tennis match at first, with Chelsea and Spurs countering the counter almost non-stop. Chelsea had some cracking chances, but ultimately missed out on profiting from these.
Eriksen played another ball across the goalmouth to the head of Alli for Spurs to knock in their second and final goal of the play in the fifty-fourth minute.
Chelsea kept pushing forward, not even looking close to accepting this defeat, but it was all in vein. The men in white kept a clean sheet and sent Chelsea back home pointless.

Chelsea 1 – 3 Tottenham Hotspur, April 2018, Premier League
Stamford Bridge hosted this Premier League thriller, with Spurs victorious away from home late in the season. Tottenham hadn’t won in over thirty games at the Bridge, so this three-one kicking of the Blues was a relief for the Lillywhites.
The game kicked off with both teams playing to their strengths. Spurs were keeping possession, and Chelsea didn’t try too hard to stop them and relied on playing on breaks and counter attacking.
Chelsea had built momentum, but still struggled for possession. One of these pushing counter plays resulted in a cracking header from Morata into the bottom corner of the goalmouth.
A minute into added time in the first half, Eriksen scored a belter from way outside the box. Tottenham and Chelsea are one a piece going into the second half – game on!
Chelsea pressured forward at the start of the second half, keeping much more of the possession than the start of the first, forcing Tottenham to chase them down. Come the sixtieth, Spurs are much more comfortable, and are experiencing successes on the wings.
This use of space brings the second goal for home team Spurs. Alli smashed it straight forward and past Caballero, thrilling Tottenham fans and bringing the Lillywhites up a gear. They’ve found their pace and stuck with it.
Spurs’ third and final goal comes in the form of another cracker from Alli, who fires another shot in from his powerful left boot from Son’s short cross into the box.

Chelsea 3 – 3 Tottenham Hotspur, March 2007, FA Cup Quarter Final
Berbatov started the scoring on this 6-goal FA Cup thriller between Chelsea and Tottenham, and it came just five minutes into play. Tottenham fans were singing for a while until Chelsea legend Frank Lampard brought it even just after another fifteen minutes.
The atmosphere grew tense, both sides were capable of scoring next, and both were eager to dominate the game, but were mostly unable to.
Ghaly caught Cechoff guard to pass him again with another excellent play. Michael Essien came close to scoring too, but missed target with a header gone wide.
Essien did end up putting the ball in, but he got the wrong goal with a last ditch sliding clearance attempt, giving Tottenham their second goal.
The third Spurs goal came as Ghaly ran straight down the middle, made a poor pass attempt, which was cleared by blue shirts straight back to him. Still sprinting down the centre of the pitch he toe poked the ball, slipping it under Petr Cech, and into the net in an impressive, if not lucky, self-set up goal.
This was it for Spurs, as Chelsea then sought to equalise in the second half. Spurs were close to taking their side of the score line up to four, but had a couple of near misses and some goal line saves and clearances.
Next to hit the net was Lampard again, who shot from inside a crowded six yard box off a corner.
Kalou excited the Chelsea stands with a penalty spot volley into the mid left side of the goal, a tasty strike with both precision and power.


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