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Tottenham Hotspur Hospitality - Tottenham Hotspur vs Southampton

Experience the 2018/19 Premier League with VIP Tottenham Hospitality, Ticket and Travel packages. With the luxury, state-of-the-art Spurs New Stadium hospitality suites set to open at the end of 2018, your guests will enjoy a match day experience like no other. The Spurs New Stadium has luxury padded seating with the best, unobstructed views on offer and the finest hospitality. Complimentary light food and a half time bar make the game even more special.
Spurs and Southampton have an extensive history of superb games and this is set to be yet another. Both Southampton will be hoping to take three points with them from Wembley as they visit top side Spurs in this thrilling Premier League matchup.

The Spurs vs Liverpool match will be played at the iconic Wembley Stadium, the ideal location for a lively and energetic atmosphere. Home and away fans alike are welcome in VIP luxury suites, proving a welcoming and comforting environment for all. The wide range of Tottenham Hotspur Hospitality packages will provide you with an unforgettable VIP experience for you and your important guests.

Spurs and Southampton have an extensive history giving way to triumphant wins and devastating losses. Their history is one of the longest in football, having first met over 120 years ago. Here’s a run-down of some of their more recent encounters.


Tottenham Hotspur 5 – 2 Southampton, December 2017, Premier League

Within moments of the first whistle, it was clear who were dominant. Spurs took the ball with ease, and controlled almost every second of play. The result was inevitable, but no one expected the seven-goal bonanza that was to unfold.

Harry Kane was looking out for the net from the start of the game – he had one game left of 2017 to break Alan Shearer’s record of thirty-six top-division goals in a calendar year, having not long equalled him.

That he did, at 22 minutes into the game, heading from well inside the six-yard box to finish off an Eriksen free kick from just outside the box.

Southampton return fire just a minute later, but it’s not to be, despite two saves and hitting the woodwork.

Kane strikes again from just inches off the goal line, taking Spurs up to two-nil.

Even after half time, Southampton men were struggling to mark main man Harry Kane. He seemed to always find space in their end of the pitch, which was highly impressive seeing as by this point keeping him under lockdown was Southampton’s main objective.

The Saints were much more effective in their second-half plays, at times looking to threaten Spurs’ goal, but struggled to finish off.

It was short-lived success as Dele Alli and Heung-Min Son collaborate on two goals in two minutes. The first came from Alli and Son taking turns on the ball halfway into the Southampton half, before Alli all but passed the ball into the bottom corner, with sniper-like precision, taking Tottenham up to three.

The second of these was a blistering strike from Son. Fifteen yards from the near post and with too much space given to him by the Southampton defence, he receives a ball from Spurs teammate Alli and strikes straight into the middle of the goalmouth. Four - nil Tottenham!

Southampton bring one back, with Boufal slotting the ball in beautifully in the near side. This was about the best counter-attack of the game, Southampton’s speed and spatial awareness completely overwhelmed Spurs for long enough for Boufal to pick up a poor clearance attempt before hitting home sixty-four minutes into the match.

Harry Kane made the game an even more special one for himself. Not only did he surpass Shearer’s record, but he managed to pick up a stunning third as well, taking his 2017 calendar year Premier League tally to thirty-nine, and a hatrick to boot. Not bad.

Alli fed the ball down the middle, to a waiting Kane at the edge of the box, who ran with it for a moment, taking one touch to pop it over the Southampton keeper and send Spurs fans barmy.

Southampton, still haven’t given up, despite trailing one goal to five, and are firing all guns into the sunset minutes of the game. Lloris punches out Hojbjerg’s strike, straight into the path of the fantastic Dusan Tadic, who lobs the Tottenham keeper to take the score to the final 5-2 screamer the headlines reported the next day.

Southampton 2 – 2 Tottenham Hotspur, April 2015, Premier League

Yet another show stopper between these two Premier League standards, but one much closer than their 2017 game. The Saints did well for themselves, with everyone expecting a Tottenham walkthrough, but instead taking them to share a point each at St Mary’s Stadium.

Spurs initiated the game with complete control, with Southampton taking a few minutes to get their feet under them and really get involved in the game.

Once they had found it, the Saints demonstrated they were deserving to be in the game, taking a few tepid tries at goal, and avoiding Spurs counters with tactics and technique. The game was becoming more and more gripping by the moment, with both sides showing flashes of brilliance, but always being stopped by brilliant defences.

Pelle was the first to strike with success, putting Southampton up at home against Spurs. Running in to capitalise on a series of fatal mistakes in the Spurs defence to poke the ball over the line from eight yards out.

The hosts had another chance on goal minutes, later, with Pelle again close to the goal line, but sending the ball well wide of target.

Southampton’s defence stayed tight, and the marking was sublime in the later stages of the second half. Kane had the ball a few times in the danger zone, but was never given freedom to strike, let alone get anywhere near scoring. The Tottenham Hotspur men looked frustrated with their own performance while Southampton looked as confident and calm as ever.

It took until the forty-third for Spurs to take it even. Lamela’s name goes on the scorecard. Handball? Possibly. The referee signals it counts, and Spurs pull even with Southampton.

The rest of the game continued in similar vein, with the Saints taking control of large parts of the play, but Spurs, surprisingly, using scrappy and ugly tactics to win back the ball and play it long back up to the home sides box.

Both teams scored impressive goals once more. Southampton taking their second before Tottenham equalised and finalised the score.

TheseTottenham Hotspur hospitality packages are experiences not to be missed. Witness some of the greatest teams on Earth play in the heart of London from the comfort of luxury seating and the exclusive hospitality bar.

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