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Chelsea vs Everton

See Chelsea vs Everton with official VIP hospitality packages at Stamford Bridge. Two titans of English football will meet this year for what promises to be an incredibly entertaining encounter. Our Chelsea hospitality packages include excellent tickets in the West Stand to watch the match, combined with fine dining in a luxurious Chelsea hospitality suite. The perfect opportunity to both soak up the atmosphere of Stamford Bridge as well as entertain your important guests in the most conducive environment.

Chelsea vs Everton

Another season, another highly awaited match. Chelsea set to face Everton at Stamford Bridge for the 2018/19 Premiere League Season.

Prepare for you and your party to take in the thrills of this game in style with one of the luxurious Hollins Suite hospitality packages, available now on Compare Hospitality.

The Battle of the Blues

Everton, currently below Chelsea in the table, will be seeking to change their fate and prevail against a team frequently proving a challenge for them on numerous occasions.

Will Chelsea be a snare to Everton once again? Or, can the Everton ‘Dogs of War’ pull through despite all expectations and provide a strong fight?

Time will tell as they meet at Stamford for yet another Premiere League season.

Chelsea vs Everton: A Turbulent History

As we take a glimpse through some of Chelsea and Everton’s previous Premiere League encounters. We see a past swaying in Chelsea’s favour, with more wins to their name. However, it would be foolish to conclude history is bound to repeat itself.

If Everton can forget some of the fatal defeats of the past and emerge with a winning mentality, they are sure to provide a resilient match that will surely stand in its own right.

Chelsea vs Everton: 2017/18 Season

Last year’s season did see Chelsea beat Everton 2-0, with Fabregas and Morata scoring the winning goals. Despite all efforts on Everton’s side; namely Ramirez’s opportunity with two free kicks, the team struggled to balance the scales.

Unluckily, this game saw The Blue’s give a sharp end to Everton’s unbeaten start to the season. Surely adding to the sour sting of the match results.

Although the teams were matched in formations – playing three in defence with wing-backs – they were unmatched in possession, with Chelsea occupying majority of it throughout the game.

With a 63.3% shot accuracy, it is no wonder Chelsea prevailed as victors this particular encounter. A low 7 shots for Everton and with none of them on target, it is strikingly disappointing for them to analyse the stats of this game.

Chelsea vs Everton: 2016/17 Season

This 2016/17 Premiere League match saw Everton suffer an embarrassingly fatal defeat at the hands of Chelsea. The results were lethal with The Blues prevailing 5-0 against their Liverpudlian rivals.

Hazard himself was man of the match and proved a deadly threat, scoring two of the teams overall five. Indeed, this was the revolutionary match that allowed Chelsea to surmount to the top of the league.

With a half-time score of 3-0, the Everton boys were surely feeling discouraged and failed to pick things back up. Chelsea’s confidence soaring, Everton posed no real threat to them. In fact, the team failed to attain a single shot on target the whole 90 minutes – both shocking and disappointing.

Manager at the time Ronald Koeman regretfully noted that ‘after 2-0 it was over.’ The Chelsea boys ‘are hungry and they will fight for the title for sure’ – a commendable comment from a rival manager.

Numbers certainly do not lie and the stats of the match were not at all favourable towards Everton. The only thing they surpassed Chelsea in is the number of fouls committed.

Everton vs Chelsea: 2015/16 Season

This season was a turn in favour for Everton. With the Everton boys safely on home turf, they managed a satisfactory and well deserved 3-1 win against The Blues, who battled through a difficult season.

Naismith’s powerful hat trick was a significant game changer that allowed the team to bask in all the glory of this win. Attempts with significant energy on the other side were made, Chelsea’s Matic gave an appealing 30 yard effort and scored the only goal for the team this game.

With 61% possession of the ball, it is clear this statistic did not amount to anything on the pitch for Chelsea as they managed a weak two shots on target out of a total of fifteen shots. Everton, on the other hand were blessed with nine shots on target, fourteen in total. A well commendable victory for the team.

Everton vs Chelsea: 2014/15 Season

An incredible match for Chelsea, beating Everton 6-3 and thus making this game a historic win and 7th highest scoring match in Premiere League history.

Costa seemed to both open and close the game with a tone of victory; scoring just 35 seconds into the game and again at the culminating 90th minute. A full circle of triumph. This surely was the cherry on top for the team who achieved yet another glorious win.

Everton attempted a fight back, however they were unable to keep up and their hopes for closing the gaps after half-time were incredibly short lived. The Liverpudlians will have to fight fiercely in upcoming matches to lessen the effects of such a defeat.

And Now…  Chelsea vs Everton 2018 Hospitality

Enjoy the heated atmosphere of this highly anticipated Everton game, perfectly paired with the finest VIP hospitality packages available at Stamford Bridge.

The action, live from the Hollins Suite at Stamford. The seats, luxuriously padded and located in the West Strand. The view, one of the best of the pitch. With an indulgent three course fine dining experience and complimentary beers, wines, soft and hot drinks; you and your party are sure to delight in every single moment. An experience like no other.

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Chelsea Hospitality - Chelsea vs Everton
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