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Chelsea vs Huddersfield Town

Witness this highly anticipated Premier League fixture with these Chelsea vs Huddersfield Town hospitality packages at Stamford Bridge.

These Chelsea vs Huddersfield Town hospitality packages and tickets guarantee both extravagance and entertainment for your important clients and guests. Watch these two Premier League sides do battle from luxury padded seats offering the best view of the revered Stamford Bridge pitch.
This is the only way to truly experience Chelsea vs Huddersfield. Treat yourself to a pre-match three-course fine dining experience, half-savoury refreshments and complimentary beer, wine, house spirits & soft drinks (excluding champagne, served until one hour after the final whistle).

There is the very best in comfort and hospitality at our Chelsea vs Huddersfield match day packages, and this home Chelsea vs Huddersfield game is no different.
This coming game is about Chelsea proving they’re a top team, and Huddersfield Town proving they’re Premier League quality. Huddersfield haven’t won against the men from Stamford Bridge since 1999, so they’re hoping that this misfortune changes. The teams have met many times before, so here’s a recap of some of the best of their past encounters.

Huddersfield Town 0 – 3 Chelsea, August 2018, Premier League

Chelsea boss Sarri said the game was a challenge, even if there was a clean sheet kept and three goals scored, “if you see the result, you think it was a very easy match, but in the first half it was very difficult against physical opponents.”
Huddersfield are the essence of a hard working team. Their mentality is strong, and their work ethic second to none. Even when facing some of the most technical and tactical players in the world in the form of Chelsea, they kept working for the ball. But it was all in vain in the end.
The ever magnificent N’Golo Kante opened up the scorecard in this Premier League clash, the French international found the net ten minutes before the halftime whistle. A single left-footed half-volley from the corner of the six yard box put the Blues one-nil up away at the Terriers.
Huddersfield attempted a response just seconds later, but the inside of the post bounced the ball out before it crossed the line. It was unluckiness that they weren’t at one a piece after that Mounie header, so David Wagner had some positives to talk about at half time.
Just prior to the whistle at the forty-fifth minute, with an enchanting attack on goal coming towards them and almost certain to concede, Huddersfield gave away a penalty, giving Chelsea their second goal of the half.
From the referees whistle at the start of the second half, the visitors were finding their pace, and looked much more dominant than before. Marcos Alonso took aim at the net with a stunning bicycle kick in the fifty-seventh minute, but hit the woodwork.
The final addition to the Chelsea tally came from Pedro, who chipped in a late one from a Hazard assist.

Chelsea 0 – 1 Huddersfield, October 1999, League Cup
This was the last victory for Huddersfield in this matchup, almost twenty years ago. Chelsea were so confident of a victory they send out their reserve team, but were left red faced as they left the League Cup competition early.
Chelsea struggled offensively in the first half, with few attempts on goal to note. They did, however, keep the majority of possession and seemed the tighter, more together side, even if they weren’t able to really advance as much as hoped.
Well into the second half did the stalemate continue, fans and management alike began to get frustrated that neither side had been able to pull the trigger..
This impasse was finally resolved in spectacular fashion in the seventy fifth minute. 
Kenny Irons scored the sole goal that day at Stamford Bridge, making a run from the centre circle, and smashing it home from miles out. A truly delicious goal, as expected in any Chelsea vs Huddersfield matchup.

Chelsea 3 – 1 Huddersfield, February 2008, FA Cup

The setting for another Frank Lampard goal scoring benchmark was this FA Cup fifth rounder. Lampard, who was already the highest scoring midfielder in club history, became the first Chelsea midfielder to garner a century of goals for the Blues, securing his name as a Chelsea legend forever more.
The victory sent the Blues into the quarter finals of the cup competition, not without thanks to the two goals from Lampard, who went home a happy man.
The Blues relentless attacking was countered by much of the same from the Terriers, resulting in a thrilling back and forth match.

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