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Chelsea Hospitality Packages - Chelsea v Manchester City

See two of the biggest teams in club football clash with our official Chelsea v Manchester City hospitality packages inside the superb Hollins Suite. Previous Premier League champions Chelsea reluctantly handed over the title to Manchester City in what was frankly an astonishing season for the Sky Blues. Chelsea will be seeking revenge not only for the title but for the results of their games during this campaign; City took all six points from Chelsea across the two fixtures which ended 1-0 to City both times. The Chelsea hospitality packages include excellent tickets in the West Stand to watch the match, combined with fine dining in a luxurious Chelsea hospitality suite. The perfect opportunity to both soak up the atmosphere of Stamford Bridge as well as entertain your important guests in the most conducive environment.

Chelsea vs Manchester City

Chelsea will face Manchester City once more at Stamford Bridge for this year’s Premiere League Season. Having both previously won the title in past, these league toppers are neck and neck again to see who will reign on high this season.

Prepare for you and your guests to take in the thrills of this game in style with one of the luxurious Hollins Suite hospitality packages, available now on Compare Hospitality.

A Challenge for Last Season’s Champions

As last season’s Premiere League champions, Manchester City, prepare to face Chelsea and with numerous close matches between these two teams; fans are eager to witness the outcome of this upcoming match. Both teams are robust competitors, therefore anything is possible for the outcome of this meeting.

Chelsea vs Manchester City: 2017/18 Season

Last season’s match allowed Manchester City to edge forward with the team winning 1:0 against Chelsea. Though only a small win, it was a win nonetheless which allowed proud Cityzens to climb to the top of the table – something that can only make victory sweeter.

Unfortunately, Chelsea had little to offer in the grand scheme of things. Thus, with nil to their name in this match, it meant they had failed to score in consecutive Stamford Bridge home league games for the first time since 2012.

Disappointing for Chelsea, however, manager Antonio Conte commended his team members stating that ‘we have to accept the result because today we gave everything.’ ‘Everything’ was just not enough for a determined and driven Manchester City.

Confident manager Pep Guardiola cheered on his team, remarking how the players ‘showed in the first minute that we were coming here to win the game.’ A resilient mentality that Chelsea failed to conquer.

Manchester City vs Chelsea: 2016/17 Season

Despite Manchester City claiming a sixty one percent possession rate, Chelsea still managed to work tactically with their possession beating the Cityzens 3:1. In fact, the only goal to Manchester City’s name was a regrettable own goal from Chelsea’s Gary Cahill.

Certainly an own goal has the potential to rattle the confidence of any football team, yet Chelsea would not be defeated and managed to bring everything back in good time. Manchester City were eager with fourteen shots, however The Blues ten shots was all that was required to win this match.

The game took a sour turn for the worst, with players getting into nasty physical altercations. This resulted in red flags being given to both Aguero and Fernandinho.

Still, a well-deserved victory for Chelsea’s Blues in spite of any disgraces.

Manchester City vs Chelsea: 2015/16 Season

This 2015/16 saw Manchester City savour an incredible 3-0 win against Chelsea at their home stadium. Home fans are sure to have revelled in such a sweet victory!

Both Chelsea and Manchester City played with a 4-2-3-1 formation, a tactic that proved favourable for the winners of the match. Possession of the ball was almost equal, leaning slightly in favour for Chelsea at fifty one percent and yet Manchester’s Aguero, Kompany and Fernandinho worked successfully to score the teams three winning goals.

As it stands (2018), these two teams have played a total of forty two games – with Chelsea winning a strong majority of twenty four of these games. Manchester City won only eleven, and the teams drew the remaining seven.

Chelsea vs Manchester City: 2014/15 Season

The teams call it even numbers with a moderate 1:1 draw in the 2014/15 Premiere League season. Chelsea’s goal came from baller Remy at forty-one minutes and Manchester City’s Silva followed closely after with a goal in the forty-fifth minute.

The match proved just how robust and worthy competitors both teams are for one another with such a close call.

In table terms, Chelsea did have something to celebrate as the game allowed the gap between the two teams to remain at a standstill – meaning Chelsea maintained their number one position on the table with a comfortable fifty three points. Although Manchester City followed closely behind, lagging only five points, with forty eight in second position.

If going by this previous fixture alone, it is only right to assume that Manchester City and Chelsea’s next encounter on the pitch will be a close call again as both teams will be in strong form hoping to gain that lead against the other.

Chelsea vs Manchester City 2018 Hospitality

Enjoy the heated atmosphere of this upcoming and highly anticipated Chelsea vs Manchester City game, accompanied with superior VIP hospitality packages available at Stamford Bridge.

The action, live from the Hollins Suite at Chelsea’s home Stamford. The seats, luxuriously padded and located in the West Strand. The view, one of the best of the pitch. With a stylish three course fine dining experience and complimentary beers, wines, soft and hot drinks; you and your party are sure to delight in every single moment. An experience like no other.

Explore the vast range of Chelsea Hospitality packages on offer, tailoring them to suit all of your needs with Compare Hospitality.

Chelsea Hospitality - Stamford Bridge
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