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Chelsea vs PAOK

See Chelsea’s penultimate Europa League group match at Stamford Bridge. The upcoming Chelsea vs PAOK match-up will not disappoint. With this being the closing stages of Group L, an opportunity to qualify for the next round is in grasp. The Chelsea vs PAOK match at Stamford Bridge will have the English and Greek sides hopeful to push on further with the Europa League Final locked in their sights. These Chelsea hospitality packages include superb VIP level tickets to watch the Europa League match, combined with fine dining in a lavish Chelsea hospitality suite. This is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the first class Chelsea vs PAOK match and entertain your important guests with an experience not to be missed.

Chelsea vs PAOK

The UEFA Europa League makes a highly anticipated return for the new 2018/19 season - featuring some of the best European clubs, we’re excited to see who will excel and qualify even further. Enjoy all of Chelsea’s home fixtures in unbeatable style with one of the deluxe Hospitality packages at Stamford Bridge.

For the first time ever in this season, Chelsea will face Greece’s PAOK

Prepare for you and your guests to take in the thrills of this game in style with one of the luxurious Hollins Suite hospitality packages, available now on Compare Hospitality.

An Old Time Champion Returns

This new season sees the avid return of Chelsea FC, who will be competing in this league for the first time since 2013 – a year in which they reigned as champions! The team can only hope this hiatus has worked in their favour and they mark their awaited return with ultimate victory. Indeed, the Blues stand as current favourites at 5/1 to win the league.

Chelsea will begin the group stages in Group L – competing against Belarus’s BATE, Hungary’s Videoton and Greece’s PAOK. A group some deem as a blessing in disguise for The Blues. Chelsea holds the highest possession of all the teams in their last matches (73% in their match versus Bournemouth), so it seems The Blues will be off to a strong start in the group stages with no immensely viable threat.

PAOK and Chelsea will meet face to face to challenge for the first time, and as when any new opponents meet, it is never easy to predict the victor. This match holds importance, with the outcome likely to influence the tone of any further Chelsea vs PAOK games.

A Glance at the Opponents

So, who are Chelsea’s newest first time challengers? What reputation do they hold? And, are they likely to overcome Chelsea this season?

Pan-Thessalonian Athletic Club of Constantinopolitans, or simply PAOK are a Greek football club based in Thessaloniki. The team boasts as one of Greece’s top four football clubs, and they play in the top flight Super League. On top of that, PAOK are the six time winners of the appraised Greek Cup. Notable to say the least.

Impressively, PAOK are the one and only Greek team to have more wins than losses in European history ever.

PAOK’s best win in a Europe League game was their staggering 7-0 victory against Locomotive FC in 1999. A result many teams can only dream of! Nevertheless, the team has yet to excel past the group stage and attain towards the UEFA Champions League. Perhaps this season will be their year?

The Last Five…

That being said, if we analyse Chelsea and PAOK recent five matches, The Blues are already on top – winning all five of the fixtures (with one won through penalty shoot-out). PAOK on the other hand have not been so successful. The team drew two matches, lost one and won only two of their previous five.

Whilst Chelsea comes to their match confident and with a solid record of past successive victory, PAOK comes holding a more unstable history which may not help with the teams confidence levels. Perhaps not the greatest threat to Chelsea.

Ultimately, it is imperative for both teams to remain focused and hopeful if they want to prevail. Each game stands as its own, and fans will have to wait on the results of the group’s preliminary matches to see just how pertinent the results of Chelsea v PAOK will be in the grand scheme of things.

Chelsea vs PAOK 2018 Hospitality

Enjoy the heated atmosphere of this first time Chelsea vs PAOK game, accompanied with the most excellent VIP hospitality packages available at Stamford Bridge.

The action, live from the Hollins Suite at Chelsea’s home Stamford. The seats, luxuriously padded and located in the West Strand. The view, one of the best of the pitch. With a stylish three course fine dining experience and complimentary beers, wines, soft and hot drinks; you and your party are sure to delight in every single moment. An experience like no other.

Explore the vast range of Chelsea Hospitality packages on offer, tailoring them to suit all of your needs with Compare Hospitality.

Chelsea Hospitality - Stamford Bridge - Chelsea vs PAOK
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