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Chelsea vs Wolves

See Chelsea vs Wolves in VIP style with the superb Chelsea hospitality packages inside the Hollins Suite at Stamford Bridge. Wolverhampton Wanderers have turned a few heads with their dominating performance in the Championship last season, easily trouncing all teams in their wake. With superstar Ruben Neves leading the Wolves vanguard, this Midlands side should not be underestimated by even the giants of the Premier League. Chelsea will be looking to show them who’s boss when they visit Stamford Bridge. The Chelsea hospitality packages include excellent tickets in the West Stand to watch the match, combined with fine dining in a luxurious Chelsea hospitality suite. The perfect opportunity to both soak up the atmosphere of Stamford Bridge as well as entertain your important guests in the most conducive environment.

Chelsea vs Wolves

Chelsea will face Wolves – aka the Wolverhampton Wanderers, yet again at Stamford Bridge for this year’s Premiere League Season.

Get ready. You and your guests are sure to take in all the kicks of this game in style with one of the luxurious Hollins Suite hospitality packages, available now on Compare Hospitality.

The Wolves Pack Are Back

After a lengthy hiatus, the Wolves are back again competing in this 2017/18 Premiere League season for the first time since 2012!

Will the break in competing in this league fuel the Wolves boys, resulting in stronger performance and victory? Or, will the regular competitors Chelsea put an end to the Wolves?

Head to Head Again

Throughout football history, Chelsea and Wolves have played an incredible total of one hundred and five games against each other, and so, both teams should certainly be ready to meet once more.

Out of all those games, Chelsea have attained victory over the Wolves forty one times. With the Wolves beating them only thirty eight times. The teams called it even and drew a total of twenty six of those games.

Fans are eager to see how these next Premiere League matches will shape these Chelsea vs Wolves head to head statistics.

Chelsea vs Wolves: 2016/17 FA Cup

The last time the pair met was for the FA cup battle which saw Chelsea beat Wolves 2-0 in what was a tough competition.

Wolves started off strong and lively, however Chelsea managed to surpass the team and score both winning goals in the second half. This left the Wolves suffering their fourth successive defeat this season – a fact sure to add further sadness to their pitiable loss.

On the other hand, Chelsea vibrantly celebrated their reach into the quarter finals as a result of this match – something Wolves has failed to do since 2003.

Chelsea boss Antonio commended the other team for their effort noting ‘there is no easy games’ and so, his team had to play hard to come out on top.

Out of their last eleven games, Wolves have suffered defeat ten times at the hands of Chelsea who seem to excel again and again.

Chelsea vs Wolves: 2011/12 Season

The Blues basked in victory another day, winning 3-0 against their opponents Wolves. This match was a significant game changer for Chelsea as they swiftly escaped what would have been an embarrassing third successive home Premiere League defeat.

They improved their performance, leaving Wolves struggling to keep up. The match was settled by half time as both teams were unable to score a goal in the second half – hardly bad news for the Chelsea side.

Disappointed to say the least, Wolves Manager Mick McCarthy relented ‘it was not good enough from us’ and after Chelsea’s incredible first goal, ‘there was no air of confidence around the place, more an air of foreboding.’ With that first goal coming just seven minutes in, Wolves must certainly improve their mentality if they desire to win their upcoming matches.

Chelsea vs Wolves: 2010/11 Season

This game declared a lucky win for Wolves who triumphed 1-0 against Chelsea after a painfully critical mistake on The Blue’s side.

Their own players seldom scored, however Chelsea’s Jose Bosingwa scored an own goal for the Wolves only five minutes in. This proved a fatal error that led to a downfall the team could not resurrect from.

Wolves wasted chances to increase their lead and score themselves, however, their 4-4-2 formation was pressing and certainly added pressure to the opposing side. Feeling the heat, Chelsea began their second half incredibly stronger but it didn’t seem to be enough.

Chelsea’s seven shots on target compared with Wolves two on target suggests that, had it not have been for that own goal so early on, the results of the match could have been strikingly different.

Chelsea vs Wolves: 2009/10 Season

Chelsea gave the Wolves an immensely difficult game this season, winning 4-0 on the Wanderers’ home turf. Two goals both coming in less than fifteen minutes into the game put momentous pressure on the Wolves side who struggled to recover.

This defeat kept the Wolves stagnant at the bottom three whilst in stark contrast allowed Chelsea to retain a five point lead at the top of the table. Polar opposites mirrored to the match numbers.

With Chelsea’s confidence soaring, proud boss Carlo Ancelotti commented ‘it was comfortable today. The team have improved their play, they are full of confidence.’ Wolves’ manager could only agree; awkwardly admitting ‘we’ve basically been beaten up with the ball today.’

Hopefully the Wolves learned a lesson from this match and come back stronger when hoping to next battle Chelsea.

Chelsea vs Wolves 2018 Hospitality

Enjoy the heated atmosphere of this upcoming and highly anticipated Chelsea vs Wolves game, accompanied with the most excellent VIP hospitality packages available at Stamford Bridge.

The action, live from the Hollins Suite at Chelsea’s home Stamford. The seats, luxuriously padded and located in the West Strand. The view, one of the best of the pitch. With a stylish three course fine dining experience and complimentary beers, wines, soft and hot drinks; you and your party are sure to delight in every single moment. An experience like no other.

Explore the vast range of Chelsea Hospitality packages on offer, tailoring them to suit all of your needs with Compare Hospitality.

Chelsea Hospitality - Chelsea vs Wolves
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