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Henley Regatta Dress Code: All you need to know about turning up in style

Friday 14th September 2018 / Sporting News / Rowing / Alex Butler

Henley Regatta Hospitality

Henley Royal Regatta is perhaps the most stylish event held on a riverfront and is the highlight of the social season for many. The annual bringing together of sporting thrills and social opportunities has untold charm and ineffable panache – it’s clear to see why it’s so well loved.

This coming Henley Regatta will be held from the 3rd-7th of July, 2019, right in the middle of the British summer. To find the finest hospitality packages for Henley Regatta 2019 and the right one for you, try our package listings page.

The dress codes have existed almost as long as the event has been held. Since 1839 the splendid colours of rowing clubs from across the globe have graced this small spot of English countryside. The same colours are on display to this day, and the event has transformed into a beautiful display of classic looks and modern fashion.

Set along just over a mile of the Thames, this quintessentially English event brings together the best of British rowing along with many visiting teams from overseas. But, as we all know, the boats are only part of the fun, with vibrant social and cultural experiences everywhere to be found – and as with any cultured event, there are dress codes to follow. To help you turn up looking the part, here’s a quick guide to dressing for Henley Royal Regatta.


Henley Regatta Dress Code for Ladies

Ladies are required to wear dresses and skirts at Henley. No lady wearing trousers or culottes will be allowed entry. This is especially the case for jeans, shorts or leggings – all three are big no-no’s.

Dresses and skirts must also fall below the knee, so be mindful when choosing!

Henley Regatta actively encourages hats and fascinators. Not only are they traditional and ideal to keep the summer sun off, but they add a touch of zest to the event as well.

Heels always look the part, but be careful, you’ll spend time on grass, so opt for some which won’t sink into the Henley lawns too quickly.


Henley Regatta Dress Code for Gentlemen

Gentlemen are advised to don lounge suits, but there is leeway, with many opting for blazers and flannels, or chinos.

Strictly speaking, blazers should carry the colours of your rowing club, but there are many options out there for striped blazers just for the fun of it.

Collared shirts and ties are required of all men by the Henley Stewards, and they should only be removed in extreme heat at the discretion of the organisers. Keeping cool in the sun becomes a role for hats: boaters and panamas are the obvious choice, but anything smart will be perfect for the event.

Deck shoes are the style of choice for many at Henley Regatta, but other smart shoes are fine too. You’ll spot brogues and loafers everywhere you go, so you have a nice range to choose from there.


Henley Regatta Dress Code for Children

Over the age of thirteen, children are expected to stick with the adults’ code. They’ll look the part but will definitely outgrow it by next year – sorry parents!

Children under the age of thirteen have the most leeway at Henley Royal Regatta. Jackets and ties aren’t required for young boys and girls can wear almost what they want. However, no jeans, trainers, t-shirts or sweatshirts are allowed (even for little ones) so don’t let them completely dress themselves if you want to avoid embarrassment.

Henley Royal Regatta Hospitality Packages

We hope you find our guide to Henley dress codes useful. What’s more, many Henley Regatta hospitality packages have just been released.

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