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Rowing Hospitality and Events

Rowing has a long history in the United Kingdom, having attracted crowds since time immemorial. Rowing hospitality packages enable you to experience rowing events in the most luxurious fashion. To compare these rowing packages and VIP tickets, explore them through your chosen venues below. All venues on this page boast excellent rowing hospitality - with many suppliers competing, no wonder they're all so good!

Rowing has a history dating back to ancient times, before it started being considered a sport in the 1700s. The first races were held between ferry rowers, who raced in front of crowds to prove they were the fasted boat across the river. A vastly different event from the modern regattas, such as Henley Regatta, where racing oarsmen and women in specialised boats battle down straight lengths of water while crowds cheers on from rowing hospitality enclosures.

These turned into races for cash prizes. Over time becoming hugely popular and bringing the big crowds to the banks of rivers up and down the country we see today.

Every rowing event is different, some are minor affairs between a handful of village clubs, and some attract many thousands of people to buy tickets to view the spectacle from luxury marquees.

These rowing events follow in the vain of the latter - hospitality and comfort are the key points of the day. The main event for us are the annual Henley Regatta. hospitality events. Held since 1839, this event has been hugely popular among rowing enthusiasts and those looking to experience wonderful day in the sunshine.

The huge popularity of Henley Regatta hospitality packages single-handedly shows rowing is a sport which can attract a lot of attention. The Oxfordshire event brings guests and competitors from across the globe into the most quintessentially English location. Those lucky enough to get hospitality tickets are treated to the most wonderful environment for celebrations, meeting clients, socialising or simply having an incredible day.

Whatever your reason is for going to a rowing event, make sure it’s made special with a hospitality experience like no other. Henley Regatta hospitality packages are a highlight of the rowing calendar, so we fully recommend all of the hospitality packages available.

Have a look through the packages available on each event’s page to find the right rowing hospitality packages and tickets for you.

Alternatively, to discuss your options over the phone and get the experience that’s just right for you, give our dedicated hospitality team a call, on 020 7989 6500.
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