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Compare Henley Royal Regatta 2019 Hospitality Packages

Delight and entertain your guests at Henley Royal Regatta 2019 – the most famous meeting of rowers in the world.  These exclusive areas and luxury hospitality packages will impress your guests and dazzle your clients, as you enjoy every thrill of the day with VIP comfort and a wide selection of excellent food and drink.

The Henley Royal Regatta is an annual celebration of all things British.

From the rowing main events to the exceptional social opportunities – it’s an event for anyone and everyone who appreciates tradition, class, and the finer things in life.

The beautiful Oxfordshire village settings comes alive in Regatta Week with a wonderful and vibrant collective of people united by a love of traditional British lifestyles and luxurious VIP experiences.

Join the rowers in all the fun and thrills of Henley Regatta from the comforts of elegant enclosures and exclusive areas.  Each one is full of hand-picked treats and comforts to ensure you have a wonderful day.

Regatta Week 2019 is set to be as fantastic as it has been since 1939.  Last year 565 crews entered competitions, well over one hundred of these coming to Henley Regatta from overseas, ensuring a constant stream of competitive action from across the globe.

Henley Regatta is known as one of the Season’s must-attend events.  Its fame came from its unique ability to combine thrilling sporting action with an exclusive occasion, with an elite atmosphere conducive to both social and business interests.

The competition is only the icing on the cake at this superb meet.  The marvellous social opportunities, fine dining, first class entertainment and real luxury comfort make it the highlight of the summer for many – which begs the question:


What is in a Henley Regatta hospitality package?

The hospitality packages available for Henley Regatta are certain to wow your guests and line you up with a who’s who list of VIPs and socialites.

Each package is truly unique.  Each supplier has their own twists on the classic offerings, which make the packages special.

Expect all the trimmings included and all of the stops pulled out in these hospitality packages at Henley Regatta - each one full of its own selection of specifically chosen treats and indulgences.

Most Henley Regatta hospitality packages include exclusive cocktail and local real ale bars, fine dining opportunities, first-rate views of the course and pleasant light entertainments.

Choose the right Henley Regatta hospitality package for you with Compare Hospitality, and experience the highlight of the social season like never before.

Henley Royal Regatta 2019 Hospitality
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